Transcribed by Jack Rieger, Ssam Bar Burrito

This recipe isn’t mine, but it surprisingly isn’t published anywhere. I saw it on S1 E3 of the show Mind of a Chef, which profiles Momofuku founder David Chang in its first season.

This burrito was a dish he tried to popularize at his second restaurant, Ssam Bar. He opened this restaurant in 2006 as a Korean-American burrito bar. Unfortunately, the concept didn’t really catch on. Ssam Bar came close to extinction before a change in overall concept revitalized the menu — but this burrito didn’t survive the cut.

I think it’s a great recipe. In the episode of the show, Chang talks about the concept being “a Korean equivalent for each ingredient in a typical burrito”.

Note: this recipe is made of other components that will need to be prepared beforehand.



* To make, toss some cucumber slices with salt and a bit of sugar and let sit for a few minutes.
** I think this could be good with any kind of shreddable, braised meat like short rib or chicken as well.