Joe Potts, Current Coffee Recipe

An approach to coffee that aims to reveal the most exciting and flavorful characteristics of the beans is both meditative and obsessive. It’s a long and involved process (far before the roasted beans find their final destination) that requires a great deal of care each step of the way (from the conditions required for growing, to harvesting, drying, processing, shipping, roasting, grinding, saturating, extracting. It’s a blend of raw materials, process, method, tools, taste, smell, and touch, with everything interacting in delicate ways. It’s a practice of occasionally finding the sublime in the mundane, of paying close attention to detail. It’s an exercise in appreciating something ubiquitous at a level that many people may be oblivious to. It’s personal, social, systematic, delicate, rhythmic, and ritualistic. The pleasure is in the pursuit, perfection approached but rarely reached, and every day you get to try again.