Yoon Young-Chai, Doenjang-guk

The recipe I’d like to share is called “Doenjang-guk” (Koran soybean paste soup). It is similar to Japanese miso soup but it uses Korean soybean paste called “Doenjang” (“guk” means soup). I think it is heavier than miso soup. I make it quite often because it is easy to make and it is a comport food for me. I usually have it with a bowl of rice and some other main dishes like other Korean people usually do.

2–3 servings


I usually buy a soybean paste from H-mart in the Korea town.

To start, I boil a pot of water with soybean paste and prepare and cut vegetables into little pieces. Once the water is boiling, I add all ingredients except for scallions. I continue to boil the soup with added ingredients for around 20 min. I try vegetables while the soup is being cooked so I can gauge when they are done. I add scallions 2 minutes before I turn off the heat.