David Reinfurt, CACIO E PEPE



  1. Prepare a large pot of water. Add one full rounded handful of coarse sea salt. This will appear to be an absurd quantity, but the pasta only cooks in the salty water so don’t skimp. Boil.
  2. Grate cheese, again coarsely. Put aside. Prepare oil, and black pepper grinder for immediate assembly when pasta is ready.
  3. Remove pasta from water to a large glass bowl when just barely al dente (remember, it will continue to cook even when out of the water). Reserve approximately one cup of salty pasta water. Combine pasta, grated cheese, black pepper and a little bit of the pasta water. Mix quickly and assuredly with hands or long utensils. The water should start to combine with cheese and pepper to form a light coating across all of the noodles. Continue to add reserved water a little at a time as/if needed. Add copious olive oil. Mix a bit more, but not too much. The pasta should glimmer in cheese, pepper, and oil.
  4. Prepare place settings with a proper glass of Ribolla Gialla.
  5. Eat.