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Edited by Nazli Ercan and Eric Li

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There are a number of cookbooks out there created by artists or for artists such as Ryan Gander’s Artists’ Cocktails, Aperture’s The Photographer’s Cookbook, Esther Choi’s Le Corbuffet: Edible Art and Design Classics, Marinetti’s The Futurist Cookbook, and some more. Some of these are quite surreal and use food as an artistic medium to make artworks that fall under a certain art period like The Futurist Cookbook. Others are more traditional and provide recipes that were chosen by artists. Surprisingly, design and food have not yet been explored.

A recipe is generally comprised of a series of components (content) that must be combined in a series of steps in order to produce a resulting dish. You could think about this as giving form to content through a series of steps—a gestalt of sorts. We chose to ask individuals whose practice we believe borders on the edge of design and art due to the conceptual voice that these practitioners often bring to their work. This way of thinking differently about design, art, and production yields interesting takes on recipes for food that are somehow specific to the individual.

In addition this conceptual motive, our project is also a fun way to bring together a group of individuals that we know, and to share their cooking habits and favorite recipes among others. After all, design like cooking, is both a personal and collaborative process.

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