Yasaman Sheri, Afternoon Leek


Cut leek stick in 3/4–1 inch rings. Place in a bowl and pour water until bowl is filled. Swish a few times and touch every inch once to gently release any soil or sand. Repeat 2–3 times. When it feels clean, drain the water.

In a sauce pan place the leek rings and drizzle olive oil with love and generosity. Turn on stove on medium to high heat and let caramélisé. Flip the rings and the dark green ends so that all sides get nice and colorful. Sprinkle pinch of salt to your desire as it is sizzling on the pan. Sometimes the dark green parts cook faster than the white parts. Please don’t let the dark green bits go past dark tender green, you don’t want olive color to emerge — you can take it out of pan while keeping the white parts still cooking to get nice and golden.

When you feel that the caramélisation is emerging turn off the stove, place in any dish. Bring to your mouth to enjoy the splash of complex and deep flavor of ecstasy that is a caramel leek, and gently close your eyes and bite in to the delicate texture as the juices and oils release slowly in to your body.